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Today, like never before, there is an urgent need in the public health arena, to redefine how and what we use to clean. We are called to protect our students, teachers, passengers, commuters, staff and community from the dangers of microscopic bacteria such as MRSA, c. diff, e. coli, norovirus, whooping cough, and other harmful pathogen bacteria in our facilities and transport vehicles. Conventional cleaning with disinfectants, sanitizers, bleach, quaternary, ammonia and oxidizers are not effective in breaking through the biofilm fortress that protects bad bacteria.  Also, these methods add harmful toxins to the environment and cause adverse reactions to the occupants who come in contact with them.  

For use in almost any setting, including:


Healthcare, Assisted Living and Memory Care, Emergency Transport, Hospitals, Dental offices, Workplaces, Gyms, Food and Beverage Processing,Restaurants, Nurseries, Schools, Public Buildings and Transport, Animal Care, Odor and Allergy Management, Water Treatment, and Restoration.

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